HDI Vision Inspiration for a Better Life.

I believe that everyone's life goal is to adapt to various life situations, develop, and always try to be the best. If we don't have that purpose, we are wasting the most precious gift from the Creator, namely life.

To do this, we must increase courage and see life as an adventure. Too often we hold back and are afraid to try new things. If we remain in that condition, we will never be able to learn and develop. For me, the problem isn't really there, there is only a challenge. There is no such thing as failure, which is a valuable lesson. With this shift in mindset, I dare say that anything you can dream of can definitely come true.

I also feel very confident that we have a great desire to have the opportunity to run our own business . Running a independent business teaches you about the personal variety of people, about the secrets of life, and your own personal development issues. It also gives you a better understanding of what is happening around you so that your life is even more meaningful. You will also learn to see things from a different perspective. I am aware that the mindset also changes my personality and I am sure that will change you too.

I congratulate you for taking the first step by joining HDI . Thus, you have ventured to take one valuable opportunity in your life. What you will make on this occasion is entirely up to you. Of course, you will face many challenges, but with perseverance and enthusiasm, any obstacle can be overcome. Whatever the challenge, I am sure that it will change your life.

Come on, we also learn to listen and accept criticism as constructive input so that you can do better on other occasions. And, if you faithfully continue to develop yourself, someday, you will also arrive at the top of the mountain called SUCCESS. At first, there must be many people who doubt your ability to achieve it.

HDI as an organization also continues to adapt, develop, and improve quality to meet the new challenges that lie ahead of us. Even though it is in the form of organization, we will never forget the basic principle of the relationship of all humans, namely love and caring for others. This philosophy is a legacy left by my father and I intend to continue it with all my best abilities.


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Peter Chia

Founding father and Chairman Emeritus of the HDI Family of Companies, Peter Chia has been an inspiration to millions of people all over the world. A humble beginning with no business background, he was driven to start HDI to provide for his family. He spent the next 20 years building HDI up from scratch to what it has become today.

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Brandon Chia
Chairman and CEO

Brandon is the 2nd generation to lead the HDI Family of Companies. Having first joined HDI in 2005 as its International Operations Manager, Brandon took over the running of the Philippines Business Group in 2007 and was formally appointed as Chairman and CEO of the HDI Family of Companies in 2012.

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Su-Mae Chia
Key Leader, Regional Marketing

Su-Mae is part of the 2nd generation to join HDI. Previously a practising corporate lawyer, she came onboard in 2015 to spearhead the launch of BSKIN, HDI's cutting edge skincare line. She currently runs HDI’s Regional Marketing division while also serving as BSKIN’s brand ambassador.

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Ng Swee Lian
Key Leader, Regional Coordination

Swee Lian is one of the longest-serving employees of HDI having joined the company in 1987. She has overseen the growth and expansion of HDI since it started in Singapore more than 30 years ago and current manages operations in all the countries HDI has business in.