HD InternationalA world-class distribution company with a foundation of love and care.

Supported by various effective health products for dynamic modern life, as well as business plans that are combined with attractive incentive programs and profit sharing schemes, thousands of Enterprisers and consumers, regardless of nationality, color, or profession, have succeeded in having a better life and healthy through HDI.

It is a miracle how beekeeping products can have an amazing impact on human health and goodness. Because of its effectiveness, our beekeeping products have a good name in the community. We started marketing the beekeeping products individually and then the HDI International business was born . Over the years, we have continually strived to become a world-class distribution company with a foundation of love and care to help people get a better quality of life. Now, HDI is an international company with 200,000 more Enterprisers with 6 representative offices in America, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia , Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Apart from Business Networks, we also have other businesses, such as:

  • Property and investment development
  • Advertising / Media
  • Stock / Financial Broker
  • Research and development
  • After years, HDI has become a well-known name, has strong credibility, and a good reputation. Thousands of people of all ages enjoy HDI products every day. HDI has also been an official sponsor of health supplement products for national athletes in Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. In Malaysia, HDI is the official sponsor of health food at the Malaysian National Olympic Agency.