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Grand Opening Learning Center Malang

Now with A New Look

“This is one of our obsessions: to have our own office. Before this, we moved around a lot, which gave rise to rumors that the Malang stockist had gone bankrupt. This is why we built the Malang Learning Center. We wanted to prove that we’ve established ourselves, and with a new, better building design”, said the owners of the Malang Learning Center, Mr. Handoko Lukman and Mrs. Soerjani Tanojo at the Grand Opening of the Malang Learning Center, 8 May 2017.

Located at Gatot Subroto Street, No. 9A, Malang, the event was attended by Mrs. Ellen Suwardi and Mrs. Adiarti Nursasanti as representatives of the HDI Management, Leaders from Surabaya, Kediri and Blitar, as well as other invited guests.

Several activities completed the event, from a welcoming dance performance, speeches by HDI Management, Leaders and the owners of the Malang Learning Center, to the ceremonial cutting of the tumpeng rice. The series of events went successfully and smoothly.

“I hope that all the Enterprisers in Malang can be proud of their HDI business and bring in more new people,” Mr. Handoko Lukman and Mrs. Sri Soerjani Tanojo concluded with their hopes for the future of the Malang Learning Center.