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ULove Quarter 2

2nd HDI ULove becomes a company 1st

HDI’s second ULove event for 2017 made history as the first ULove to involve all HDI subsidiaries in the Philippines. It was also the first ULove to feature a series of team activities and competitions, which lasted for a month.

ULove is the brainchild of HDI Admix’ Organizational Development department. The activity, which is held every quarter, aims to honor birthday celebrators, welcome new hires, and promote bonding and camaraderie among employees.

The completion of HDI Hive Campus and the transfer of other subsidiaries to the complex in early 2017 inspired and enabled HDI Country Head Darmo Castillo to include all employees of every subsidiary in ULove.

ULove’s second quarter focused on the value of synergy. For four weeks, members of different teams bonded through a series of dining sessions called Busog Lusog and exercise sessions called Lusog Saya.

Team members were also able to show their creativity via “graffiti walls”, which they adorned with drawings, messages, trinkets, and other pieces of artwork.

ULove culminated in an awarding ceremony, which awarded teams based on points they garnered over the course of the event, costumes, and creativity of their individual “cheers” and group presentations, which they performed live.
The positive feedback received by the event guaranteed the continuation of the program in the last two quarters of 2017.