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Diamond Summit 2018 : HDInfiniti

Diamond Summit 2018 event which took place in Jakarta-Bandung, was successfully held. All Enterprisers were indulged with various exciting activity and unforgettable fancy facilities. Want to find out excitement? Take a look at below coverage

Day 1: Welcome to Bandung!

Diamond achievers arrived in Bandung with wide smile and excited face. All of them waited impatiently for performance they’re going to watch in this ‘Tanah Pasundan’ (alias Bandung). Next they had lunch together in Sindang Reret, a famous restaurant in Bandung, then went ahead to Dutch style plantation, Farm House.

Here the participants were challenged to wear Dutch costume. The rainfall didn’t bring Diamond achievers’ spirit down to surround the farmhouse. They were enjoying selfie and taking picture with colleague and their loved one. First day joy pleasure was finished by having dinner with Bandung view at The 18 TH Restaurant & Lounge. Accompanied by Royal Crown HDI, Mr. Julianto Eka Putra, Mr. Brandon Chia as Chairman of HDI, Mrs. Su-Mae Chia as Key Leader Regional Marketing , and also Ms. Swee Lian, Key Leader - Regional Co-ordination. Mr. Brandon told us to enjoy this fantastic holiday and share their experiences so that everyone can help more people. “Finally, Let’s start our party!” said Mr. Brandon that night.

Hari Kedua : Back To Nature

Day 2 : Back To Nature

You cannot miss enjoying natural gorgeous view when you visit Bandung. The diamond achievers were took to Cikole in the morning to enjoy various natural activities, extreme off-roading in the middle of pine wood and tea. The off roads challenge left a personal impression to Diamond achievers. Their laughter accompanied their journey to surround this extravagant ruined jungle. The land and puddle almost submerge half of the car. Wasn’t that interesting?

After the off road, they continued their activity by having lunch together in Imah Seniman. The shady ambience and the tiredness after the off road activity made the Diamond achiever ate their food so voraciously.

After filling their tummies, the Diamond achievers continued their activity to Cavalry (Kavaleri) for other activities, from horse riding to archery and another fun games that provided by Diamond Summit Commitee. Time passed quickly that the sun went down and the activity was ended by shopping in Rumah Mode.

Day 3 : Dusun Bambu

The third day started by visiting Dusun Bambu. This family recreational place offers view of amusing village with stunningly beautiful flower garden. Satisfied of playing, roving , lunch, next they had an informal/friendly meeting with Bandung Team Learning Center and company meeting with Mr. Brandon Chia, Mrs. Su-Mae Chia, Ms. Swee Lian and Mr. Julianto Eka Putra later that evening.

Day 4: RTS Bandung and Jakarta Trip

RTS is usually is held at 33 big cities in Indonesia and now it’s held in Bandung. This event took place at The Trans Luxury Ballroom and was attended by HDI top leaders, including Diamond Summit winner 2018. Mr. Brandon Chia who kicked off this RTS event expressed that starting a new thing was a key to success. After the RTS event, the Diamonds achievers continued their journey, which was Jakarta!

Day 5 : RTS Jakarta & Gala Dinner

RTS Jakarta was held in Ballroom JW Marriott, a prestigious and fancy venue which had been specially prepared for the winners of Diamond Summit 2018. They were very eager to participate in this event with burning spirit.

After the RTS finished, the Diamond winners went ahead to Ancol for Gala Dinner. HDI had rent a coastal area in front of Ancol Beach Mall exclusively for the winners of Diamond Summit 2018 to enjoy dinner with family and colleagues.

Before the event started, the Diamond winners were given challenge of blind prospect competition. They did this challenge enthusiastically.

The challenge session finished, subsequently Gala Dinner was begun with a speech from Key Leader Regional Marketing, Ms. Su-Mae Chia. She appreciated the hard work of all Enterpriser and invited them to have fun together! The whole activity was full of laughter, jokes and happy faces. Not only pampered the Diamond winner with 5 star facilities, HDI also presented million rupiah that night. Wow! They who missed this event would certainly regret it! On the top of the event, the participants sang and dance to the music of HDInfiniti Band. Only in HDI, we can be very close!

Day 6: Closing of Diamond Summit 2018

Finally the Diamond Summit 2018 event reached the final day. Today, the Diamond achievers were invited to visit HDI Hive Menteng office to have fun and lunch together.

So the journey of Diamond Summit 2018: Jakarta-Bandung ended. You can get this excitement only in Diamond Summit, so make sure you will be the next Diamond Summit winner! Good morning!