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The HDI Difference

Our Community

You may have heard of many different types of businesses out there. Some force you to buy large quantities of overpriced products. Others only talk about how much money you can make. None of that at HDI. Here in HDI, you are not alone and you are not competing with anyone else. We place emphasis on community building. You’ll meet many fun and interesting people, each with their own back ground and story. Just as how a rising tide lifts all boats, everyone contributes to our diverse community and together, we achieve so much more.

The HDI Hive

In 2018, we have become an international company with approximately 200 thousand Enterprisers with 7 representative offices in United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong and Philippines. To improve the quality of our customer's experience, in 2017 - our commitment is to support CSD owners to transform their store aligned with the HDI brand image. The purpose of this is to give our CSDs its own identity to make it easier for our Enterprisers and product lovers to recognize their second home..

The Science

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The Launching of HDI BEE Ultra at BEST 46 April 15
The Launching of HDI BEE Ultra at BEST 46
996 The 46th Billionaires Executive Training System a.k.a. BEST 46 has just been successfully held. Located in a different venue from…
Lion dance at our shop in Hong Kong! March 11
Lion dance at our shop in Hong Kong!
1300 The Lion Dance is one of the most important traditions at Chinese New Year. Performed in a lion costume, accompanied…