Our Philosophy

Most companies today focus only on profit. It is always about how much more they can earn, year after year. Although profit is important in sustaining our organisation, it is not what we value the most. From day one, we have always been about people. Our goal is to instill in individuals the values of LIVE, LEARN and LOVE; to help them work towards a better life for themselves and their families. So from the smallest gestures to the biggest decisions we make at HDI every day, we strive to achieve great things together with our fellow men and through our actions, be an inspiration to others.

Our Vision

Inspiring a world where people live, learn and love beyond themselves.

We want to build a community of people that are able to live, learn and love not just for themselves, but for mankind as a species, and to have this community be a source of inspiration to change the way others think about themselves. If we truly care about the generations that will come after us, then this is the only way that our children will have a better future.

Our Mission

Our businesses are learning environments that inspire people to better themselves and their communities.

Our businesses are run primarily to help people evolve and grow. Often, we see people end their formal education and get jobs in companies that offer very little in terms of helping them improve themselves. They end up stagnating both in ability and mindset. However, we think that if we can help our people grow through our businesses, they too can help our businesses grow. It works both ways.

Our Purpose

We help provide opportunities, health and guidance to those who are striving for a better life.

We believe that anyone regardless of race, religion or background who is willing to improve themselves should have an equal opportunity for a better life. When HDI first started, our tagline was “The Helping People Business” because we felt that if we made it our business to help people, they in turn would be able to help others as well. That is why at HDI, we consider this as the purpose for our existence.

Our Values


We are passionate about living life to the fullest, one day at a time. We choose health, family and relationships over material goods because we understand that life is not about acquiring; life is about living.


We push ourselves to learn something new every day. Challenging ourselves, being open to new ways of improvement and having an open mindset is critical to our success. And we are never too old to learn new tricks.


We choose to love ourselves and those around us. It makes things easier when we work and play. A hug goes a long way in telling someone that he or she is appreciated.

Our Legacy

We work today to build the right foundation for our children that will inherit tomorrow. We don’t know what the future might hold, but to leave our children with strong moral values, a high degree of self-awareness, a passion for life and the ability to evolve, that to us is a worthy cause.

As custodians of an institution, we work towards the day our children can work and play in the very same organisation that their parents helped build. That is the essence of a true family business where the responsibility to keep the fire going is entrusted to each following generation of people that embrace our philosophy and values.